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Water Air Food Awards 2017

Afholdes den 26-01-2017



Water Air Food Awards (WAFA) and Agro Business Park take pleasure in inviting you to the presentation of the WAFA Sustainability Distinction to Tellspec and live testing of its breakthrough food scanner

Thursday, 26 January 2017
Agro Food Park
Meeting Room: PLANT
Agro Food Park 13
8200 Aarhus N

Want to know what's really in your food? Now you can!

Tellspec, a 2016 WAFA winner, has developed the world's first handheld food scanner. This affordable technology determines food’s nutritional value within seconds through a three-part system: a handheld molecular scanner, cloud-based analysis engine, and mobile application. Information includes ingredients, calories, macronutrients, glycemic index, and potential contaminants.

Tellspec became a WAFA winner following expert evaluation of its technology and a global public voting campaign. WAFA’s Selection Committee sees Tellspec’s breakthrough as globally scalable and benefitting food consumers, producers, retailers, and researchers.

Tellspec will participate in Scale Up Food Elite Training Center at Agro Business Park and Accelerace and is moving its headquarters to Agro Food Park near Aarhus. Learn more about Tellspec here.

Award Ceremony

HRH Princess Zama-Zulu of South Africa, WAFA Ambassador
“Human Values are a Prerequisite for Food Security”

Isabel Hoffmann,Tellspec Founder and CEO
“The Clean Food Revolution and Consumer Power”

Gyda Bay, Head of Innovation, Agro Business Park
“Hardcore Food Innovation”

Presentation: Tina Lindgreen, WAFA Founder and President
“What Makes TellSpec a Winner?”

Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen, Special Advisor, Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Plug ’n Play - Establishing a Business in Denmark is Easy”

Documentary Filming

NG Media will film this event for a documentary featuring WAFA awardees and their breakthrough sustainability solutions. Marketed globally, the documentary will raise public awareness of sustainability challenges, proven solutions, and every person’s role in bringing about change. 

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