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Danish Drinks for Distribution

Afholdes den 01-09-2017

Invitation to international distributors and importers targeting hotels, bars, restaurants, catering and gourmet shops

Meet Danish manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Aarhus, Denmark - the Capital of Culture 2017 - 31 August-1 September 2017.

In the new edition of the Michelin Nordic Guide 2017, Denmark underlines its position as a gastronomic frontrunner with 26 stars awarded to 22 restaurants across the country. The manufacturers in the Danish Drinks for Distribution catalogue are part of this innovative culture and many of them have won international medals.

Bilateral Meetings

The event includes up to 12 bilateral business meetings previously established in individual agendas (based on distributors' and importers' priorities) - see the catalogue of Danish drinks manufacturers here. Based on distributors' / importers' specific needs more manufacturers will be invited.

Free travel and lodging for 8 European distributors / importers

We will cover travelling cost to Aarhus and lodging expenses for 1 night, for the 8 most qualified distributors / importers. Selection upon registration.

Deadline for registration is 31 May 2017.



Application form for distributors / importers

Catalogue of Danish drinks manufacturers


The Danish Enterprise Europe Network partner Agro Business Park/Future Food Innovation. Please contact:

Kathrine Vejgaard Stage, kvs@agropark.dk, +45 3050 3625

Anders Skeem, as@agropark.dk, +45 4030 9637


Local Enterprise Europe Network partners and:



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