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European Food Venture Forum 2018

Afholdes den 06-09-2018

We are pleased to announce that Tech Tour is returning to Aarhus for the 8th edition of the European Food Venture Forum (EFVF) to be held on 5-6 September 2018. The event is co-hosted by Agro Business Park and Future Food Innovation, City of Aarhus, and sponsored by ARLA Foods.

The European Food Venture Forum offers a unique platform for scalable startups and companies in the food sector, international investors and corporates to exchange knowledge and build lasting business co-operation.

30+ scalable startups and companies from across Europe will be selected to present at European Food Venture Forum by members of the Selection Committee who will assess them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and team experience.

The selected scalable startups and companies will have the opportunity to present in front of an international audience at European Food Venture Forum, where they will have the chance to meet active international investors and corporates seeking investment and partners. For further information, see event website

We are inviting you to apply and compete in the selection process for getting one of the 30 presentation spots on the event. The DEADLINE for applications is 10 May 2018.

  • There is no fee for applying or attending if selected: (you only need to cover your own travel and accommodation costs).
  • Registration to register to apply please use the registration page online
  • Profile: make sure you update your company or project profile and/or add any new projects that you would like our selection committee to review.

Companies selected to present at the European Food Venture Forum will be notified by end of June.

Please make sure the CEO or Founder is able to travel to attend the full event on 5-6 September in Aarhus, Denmark. When you decide to register for the event, please have in mind ways to reach Aarhus. Find out more here

Should you have further questions regarding the event, please do not hesitate to contact Kathrine Vejgaard Stage.

Download onepager "Call for Applications of SME Presenters" 

Go to European Food Venture Forum website




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We are pleased to announce that Tech Tour is returning to Aarhus for the 8th edition …