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Future Food Innovation

Future Food Innovation is anchored in Agro Business Park, aimed at strengthening innovation power and ensuring an internationally competitive food industry. We bring together companies, knowledge and users to develop and commercialise new innovative products.

The main activities of Future Food Innovation are:

  • Support for innovation in food businesses via the POP and Differentiation funds
  • Support for growth in food businesses via the GROWTH fund
  • Courses, workshops, international conference
  • Innovation camps, interdisciplinary competence development
  • Based on market opportunities and business potentials

The purpose of the POP and Differentiation funds is to pave the way for innovative food, production and marketing of high quality and high value products from food companies in Denmark.

The purpose of the GROWTH fund is to strengthen established companies for growth. This requires the preparation of a business plan with a 360-degree perspective on the company, with particular focus on internationalisation, digitisation, and automation.


Examples on projects under the Differentiation Fund


Has identified and patented new bio-active substances in berries that address two of the largest challenges within health, cardiovascular diseases, and regulation of blood sugar. The ingredients are based on extracts from primarily red berries.

Discovering and extracting substances from plants and developing them into usable solutions for people requires a battery of scientific and technological skills and tools and Asiros has taken up this complex challenge. It includes different elements, including pharmacological computer simulations, advanced extraction technology, chemical analysis, and formulation of technology combined with targeted in-vitro and in-vivo models for biochemical and physiological effects.

The first substance has been tested in different animal models and tests, and has shown promising effects. In fact, better effect than the medicine on the market for lowering cholesterol.

Nem Aftens Mad NAM:

Heart-warming dinner, which can be brought home from the workplace canteen. Dinner De Luxe can deliver lunch programmess all over the country and soon they will have developed the program “Nem Aftens Mad NAM to-go”. By means of their large and well-developed distribution system they are able reach out to a larger portion of the busy Danes who can now bring home the healthy dinner from work and only have to do the very last preparations themselves. The products are all approved for being healthy according to a heart-warming concept. In this way, the people of Denmark can now have a healthy alternative to the well-known fast food.


Example on vocational Ph.D. project

Omega-milk in the natural way:

A Ph.D. project that researches how the milk’s content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is improved, when dairy cows are fed with a large content of herbs in the feed. There is every indication of a positive connection between the cow’s intake of herbs and the content of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the milk. To meet the consumers’ demands for healthy and tasteful food, there is a need for an innovative food industry as well as primary producers that are willing to take a risk. The project clarifies if the milk with higher content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from cows fed with herbs can be used in the production of dairy products such as liquid milk, butter, and cheese.


Health Vision

Matching food- and health researchers with food businesses are done in order to create food that contains unique health promoting qualities. The idea is to make changes in the nutrient content of the raw materials so that they hold a natural functionality from the health-promoting- and disease-preventive potential.


Find more information about the projects on our website www.futurefoodinnovation.dk, where you can also sign up for our newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the options we offer.





Since 2007, the Central Denmark Growth Forum has made big efforts to develop strong development environments and boost the innovation competencies of food companies. This has taken place in recognition of the great business-political significance of the food industry for the region and the need for companies to be adaptable and innovative in view of developments on the global market. Public and private stakeholders have supported the initiative. In this, the establishment of Agro Food Park and Future Food Innovation has played an important role in highlighting the innovative power of Central Denmark’s food environment.

Now we are getting underway with the next challenge – to clarify, prioritise and develop the areas where we hold a particularly strong position and, as such, global competitive advantage. This is not something the region can do alone. It requires commitment and strong cooperation between the food industry, knowledge environments, educational institutes and authorities – regionally, nationally and internationally.

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For futher information, please contact:

Bjarne Langdahl Riis 

T: +45 3092 1717
Mail: blr@agropark.dk 

Have a look at our international cases:

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Find international business partners with Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network has more than 600 offices in more than 60 countries worldwide and focuses on helping small and medium sized enterprises and knowledge institutions with finding new business partners abroad in relation to:

  • Commercial cooperation
  • Project cooperation (e.g. Horizon 2020)
  • Technological cooperation

Future Food Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network have a very close working relationship, both anchored in Agro Business Park and sharing the active connection between international networks and food businesses with interest in innovation. The close cooperation has resulted in the following two cooperation cases, among others:


Flexmatic delivers equipment and innovative process solutions for the dairy, brewery and soft drink industry. The company contacted Future Food Innovation to learn more about Enterprise Europe Network’s internationalisation services. The meeting with Enterprise Europe Network has since resulted in Flexmatic becoming part of a European project consortium, which in the beginning of February 2013 sent in a Knowledge Based Bio-Economy application under the EU 7th Framework Programme. The opening contact with the project was established with assistance from a German Enterprise Europe Network Partner. The project is lead by the German brewery organisation Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin, and focuses on water- and energy savings in the brewery- and beverage industry. Flexmatic offered their competences on areas that are of great strategic and developmental importance to the company.

- Right from when I received the initial information about the German partner search, through the ongoing dialogue with the German project manager, and to the final negotiations with the consortium, I have received much help from Enterprise Europe Network. This is our first experience with the procedures of an EU-project application, so it has meant a great deal to us, says Johannes Laursen, project manager at Flexmatic.


In November 2012, Biogan A/S hosted a visit from the Estonian food company Loodusvägi – a visit arranged by Enterprise Europe Network, which ensured Biogan a new distributor contract.

Prior to the visit, eight Estonian companies were matched with potential Danish business partners, who they met with either at the FoodTech’12 fair or – as in Biogan’s case – at the company’s own offices.

Anders Kok, Managing Director of Biogan A/S, had a meeting with Loodusvägi, which develops and produces Mulled Wine made from organic blueberries and blackcurrants. It was a highly interesting meeting, and after just a few days, the two companies signed an agreement for Biogan to market and sell Loodusvägi’s products to Biogan’s existing customers in Denmark.


Kathrine Vejgaard Stage
Site Manager
T: +45 8999 2525
E-mail: kvs@agropark.dk

Anders Skeem
International project consultant
T: +45 4030 9637
E-mail: as@agropark.dk



Obtaining support from innovative students

Many companies have experienced that it can be difficult to spot brand new or radical development opportunities.

Experience has also shown that it can be highly beneficial to ask people, outside of the company and with different academic backgrounds, for help with developing ideas and concepts.

As a new initiative, Future Food Innovation therefore offers its support to food businesses in Central Denmark Region to strengthen the interdisciplinarity in innovation work, by among other things making use of the opportunities for participating in the regional educational institutions’ innovation camps. A number of institutions also offer innovation seminars or training, where there are good opportunities for involving students in developing new ideas and concepts for your business.

It is also possible to have a group of experienced innovators with different academic backgrounds work on proposals for new development opportunities for your company.

At Future Food Innovation you get the following:

• Consultancy regarding selection and description of the challenges or issues that you may wish to have processed in an interdisciplinary innovation group.

• Consultancy regarding what type of interdisciplinary innovation group that is best suited to work on your problem.

• Have your problems introduced to the educational institution or innovation group that will be most qualified in developing new ideas and opportunities for your specific business.

• Have an interdisciplinary innovation group assembled, consisting of experts and experienced innovators, who have been specifically chosen to match your challenge or problem.

• Discussion in relation to screening of the ideas and concepts produced by the interdisciplinary innovation group, that show the biggest potential for your business.

• Consultancy concerning opportunities for academic support and financial aid for the work with implementing new ideas and development proposals.


For futher information, please contact:

Bjarne Langdahl Riis 
Project Manager
M: +45 3092 1717
E-mail: blr@agropark.dk